Why Should I Rent My Equipment?

​Any equipment you own that is idle is simply spending overhead without a return. Why not put that idle equipment to work? You can increase your own revenue and leave no overhead collecting dust. In addition to increased revenue you will increase your customer base and contact list with avenues you would otherwise not be exposed to. It's a win-win!

How Do I Sign Up?

After creating an account, we will be in contact with you to verify your company. You can begin adding your equipment as soon as you sign up, but clients will not see your items until after the verification process.

How Do I List My Equipment?

After sign up, list make, model, and any other pertinent information on your equipment in your profile. Any special notes including maintenance/calibration can be added to your profile as well. Make sure your equipment is well maintained so it doesn't hinder the rental process or cause an untimely return of the equipment.

How Does the Renting Process Work?

When your profile is completed and your equipment listed, you will start receiving email notifications from potential clients. All client quote requests (GetQuote) in the equipment categories you have chosen will be automatically emailed to you. For best results, a response to GetQuote should be given within 24 hours in order to secure rentals. You respond with a quote for the equipment (including shipping cost and security deposit, if desired) and will be notified when the quote is accepted/paid. A message box is opened for both parties and logistics are finalized. You are promptly paid when equipment is returned and there are no outstanding issues. All rentals/transactions are in accordance with the Bombdoor Rental Agreement.


Once your quote has been accepted by the client, both parties will have a Message Box opened for them, (with full contact information) where you can complete your arrangements.

Geographical limits

If you want to restrict the rental by a mileage radius, you are free to do so. For example, you may want to set geo-limits for a larger piece of equipment because of shipping/logistical issues in getting it to the client.

Can There Be A Security Deposit?

If you want to require it, then we suggest 10% of the equipment value, or one month’s rent. It’s all up to you.

Who can rent?

Only qualified businesses or organizations which we have screened to verify their identity, reviews and/or reputation. You are free to accept or not. We are constantly searching for clients to rent your gear.

Can There Be Extensions?

Many rentals are extended beyond the original term, and these are pro-rated at a daily rate.


Your contact & payment info is kept strictly confidential. Your contact info is released only to a client who accepts your quote and has made full payment.


Bombdoor does not offer liability or property insurance. Any and all arrangements for insurance are on a vendor-client basis. For general advice on this topic, we encourage Vendors to require clients to include them as an additional Insured on their general liability policy. For property coverage, the client can ask their insurance agent to endorse their policy for rental equipment, if that is available with their policy.


Rental starts when the client has possession of equipment, and ends the moment they ship it back. You, the vendor, can charge the client for shipping using whatever solution you choose. If there are Geo Limits, you can either deliver it directly, or client can pick it up themselves. We would suggest, for the ease and speed of the transaction that you charge a flat fee for shipping (depending on the equipment and any geo-limits you set). Again, it's all up to you!

What Does Bombdoor Charge?

We charge a transaction fee from the Client side whenever a rental is successfully completed. The Vendor is not charged! There are no other fees, hidden or otherwise. Merchant processing fees are fully included in our transaction fee.

It's Your Money!

You don’t need to chase payment. The client pays through our platform once the GetQuote is accepted. After return of equipment, payment (less our transaction fee) is promptly sent to you. If there is any loss or damage beyond normal wear & tear, we will take that out of any Security Deposit and forward that to you.

Customer Service

We want you to rent your idle equipment as much as you do! Contact us anytime! We are here to assist you & to help increase your business.