Why should I rent equipment?

​You can increase your revenue by doing additional contract work, with specialty equipment that we find for you. You can try out different equipment before purchasing. Or simply substitute for your own equipment which is down or otherwise unavailable.

How will the rental platform work?

As a renter, you will simply create your account and submit a GetQuote. When you create your account we will verify the status of your company and once completed your GetQuote will then be promptly sent to our certified vendors. Any and all quotes will be forwarded to you as quickly as they come in. Once you have chosen to accept one, submit payment and a Message Box will be opened for you to communicate with the Vendor to work out any logistics. If for any reason a final agreement is not reached, we will attempt to find the right vendor for you, or issue you a full refund. All rentals/transactions are in accordance with the Bombdoor Rental Agreement.

Who Are the Vendors?

Our Vendors are fully qualified and vetted. All precautions are taken to ensure that you receive professional service and quality equipment that is fully maintained.

Shipping of the Equipment

Rental starts when you take possession of equipment, and ends the moment you ship it back. You are not charged for transit time. Either party can pay for shipping, have them charge it against your Carrier account, or whatever solution you choose. If there are geographical limits required by you or the vendor, you can either pick it up, or the vendor may deliver it. All logistics will be decided upon by you and the vendor in the Message Box.


Some vendors may require you to list them as an additional insured on your general liability policy. For property coverage, many Clients can ask their agent to endorse their policy for rental equipment, if that is available. Bombdoor does not offer liability or property insurance. Clients are responsible for any damage (beyond normal wear & tear), theft, misuse, loss of equipment, etc. Some Vendors may require a security deposit; this will be fully refunded to you upon return of equipment and if there are no damage issues.

Rental Extensions

Many rentals can be extended beyond the original term, and these are pro-rated at a daily rate.

What does the Bombdoor.com platform cost to use?

We charge a transaction fee when a rental is successfully completed. That’s it. There are no other fees, hidden or otherwise. Merchant processing fees (e.g. credit card fees) are fully included in our transaction fee.